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The 4th European Cancer Forum

Integrating innovation into health systems: Early action and ambitious targets

7 December 2022, Residence Palace, Brussels

It’s no longer just about a vision, it’s about action!

The fourth European Cancer Forum took place on 7 December 2022 at Residence Palace for the first time again with in person setting since 2020, bringing together EU policymakers, healthcare professionals, patient representatives, cancer organisations and industry, for a half day event.

We must ensure the focus is on earlier cancer diagnosis and access to care across Europe if we are to affect real change. Klaus Feldmann, Vice-President, Oncology Commercial, Europe and Canada, MSD

It can often be more frustrating to know that a solution for your cancer is available in a neighbouring country rather than knowing there is no available solution at all. Ewelina Szmytke, Lung Cancer Europe

Unfortunately, many patients with cancer remain untreated despite being diagnosed. This could be because they were either diagnosed too late, have no modern diagnostic tools or treatments available, the infrastructure is not fit, or they do not meet the eligibility criteria, and the list goes on.Thomas Hofmarcher, The Swedish Institute for Health Economics

As a patient advocate myself, I know how important it is to connect with stakeholders in the cancer care ecosystem and look at solutions together. Stefan Gijssels, Patient Expert Center

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